pocket mirrors

Get your personalised design on one side and your fabulous reflection in the other with our extra cool custom pocket mirrors!
Our pocket mirrors are made from high quality components that are built to last.
The mirror is set back from the edge so it won't scratch when placed down on a surface.
The mirrors measure 59mm in diameter, a perfect size for your pocket and for checking yourself out on the move.
These are especially great for artists, craft enthusiasts, clothing labels, wedding favours, bands and more!

10 Mirrors £14

20 Mirrors £20

50 Mirrors £37

100 Mirrors £68

150 Mirrors £100

200 Mirrors £132

250 Mirrors £163

300 Mirrors £191

350 Mirrors £224

400 Mirrors £250

450 Mirrors £285

500 Mirrors £310

1000 Mirrors £595

Custom Pocket Mirrors

All prices INCLUDE P&P to UK addresses

International delivery is available

Custom Pocket Mirror Template

Template not working for you?

Just e-mail over what you have and we'll do the rest!


Colour Format: RGB


Make your design for your pocket mirrors 300 dpi and a 10 x 10cm square. This way we can get the best quality.

Thin lines, small text and similar colours don't show up very well.


Use bold images and contrasting colours for best results.


Prices listed include a maximum of 6 different designs. Subsequent designs are charged at £1 per design.



E-mail the designs or any questions to: