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Here you'll find  are our 38mm fridge magnets. Perfect for charities, events, a lasting reminder of your band and many more awesome uses!

Our 38mm magnets use a high strength neodymium magnet, and can be used to hold paper onto a magnetic notice board as a cool custom tack!


With our quick turnaround, attention to detail and amazing prices, we can guarantee you'll be happy with the end result

10 Magnets £18

20 Magnets £22

50 Magnets £35

100 Magnets £54

200 Magnets £96

300 Magnets £137

400 Magnets £181

500 Magnets £223

1000 Magnets £430

2000 Magnets £850

Printed Fridge Magnets

All prices INCLUDE P&P to UK addresses

International delivery is available

Custom 38mm Magnets Template

Template not working for you?

Just e-mail over what you have and we'll do the rest!