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Get your design dye printed and onto a premium hardboard coaster!

These are not your ordinary cardboard beer mats, ours have a durable high gloss finish and waterproof full colour print.
Great for artists, bars, venues, businesses, bands and many more...


Our coasters are available in square or circular and both are 9 x 9cm in diameter and approximately 3mm thick. Let us know which shape you'd prefer along with your design and we'll do the rest!

We also offer gift boxes which can hold up to 5 coasters! Available in white, black or kraft brown.
Perfect if you're offering a coaster set, get in touch for more info and prices.


With our quick 1-4 working day turnaround, attention to detail and amazing prices, we can guarantee you'll be happy with the end result.

10 Coasters £31

20 Coasters £49

50 Coasters £95

100 Coasters £170

150 Coasters £250

200 Coasters £325

250 Coasters £390

300 Coasters £450

350 Coasters £515

400 Coasters £570

450 Coasters £635

500 Coasters £700