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Custom Badges


Colour Format: RGB


Make your design 300 dpi and a 10 x 10cm square. This way we can get the best possible quality.

Thin lines, small text and similar colours don't show up very well.


Use bold images and contrasting colours for best results.


E-mail the designs to:


[email protected]

We specialize in small and large run orders of custom printed badges, whether it's 10 or 10,000, we'll still provide the level of service you deserve.


We have a few choices for you.


25mm Badge - A timeless classic that's perfect for bands and artists.

38mm Badge - Slightly larger for multiple purposes such as charities, promotions and art projects.

59mm Badge - Get on all the information you need with this big badge! Great for political messages and birthdays.

75mm Badge - For when bigger is better! Make a real statement with this extra large badge size.


Lapel Pins - A touch of class with a silver or gold metal surround, round or square at an unobtrusive 17mm size.

Child Safe Badges - 38mm in size and perfect for young children as the pin is replaced by a plastic clip.

Shimmer Badges - Your awesome design printed on gold or silver shimmer paper.

Neon Badges - Your awesome design printed on super bright neon paper. Choose from green, yellow, orange or pink.


All badges are comprised of high quality metal components and not plastic backs (excluding child safe) like some Chinese badge parts. Our vivid print won't fade over time and the badges are very durable.


With our 1-4 day turnaround, attention to detail and amazing prices, we can guarantee you'll be happy with the end result.


Small Custom Badges

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25mm Badges

Large Custom Badges Spade Arrow Spade Arrow

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59mm Badges

Child Safe Badges Metallic Badges

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Child Safe Badges

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Shimmer Badges

Design Tips

Medium Custom Badges

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38mm Badges

Extra Large Custom Badges

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75mm Badges

Custom Neon Badges

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Neon Badges

Custom Lapel Pins

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Lapel Pins